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This letter, testimonial, is to express my satisfaction with the Law office and personal work of attorney Vernita Charles.

My family and I met Ms. Charles at a time when we were in a very stressful situation, with our house being in foreclosure. We had consulted with brokers who weren't always informative or as professional as they should have been. We had already consulted with real estate attorneys who asked for lots money up front, without much of a commitment on their end. People who were very slow in returning emails and phone calls. We were just about at wits end.

Alas, we were referred to the law office of Attorney Vernita Charles. From the very first day we met her we knew we were in good hands. She took charge immediately, with professionalism, courtesy and respect. The confidence that she exhibited gave us a sense of confidence and well being that we had not felt in a long time.

Ms. Charles took us from not being able to afford the monthly mortgage, and being faced with eviction from our home, to a new mortgage that is very affordable for us.

We are now enjoying our house again, looking forward to facing every day with confidence and a sense of security.

– Amir

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