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Trust and Estates


We know the effect of this Corona Virus can be devastating- as this sickness has impacted us all. We have personally lost loved ones, we have lost friends, and we have lost clients. 


While we cannot bring your loved one back, we can try to ease the pressure of trying to navigate the whole legal process by yourself.

Whether they had a Last Will and Testament  or , died without a Will;   Whether they had property here in the United States or abroad; - we can help you to get your  loved ones'  affairs in order.  The Last thing you want to do is spend extra unnecessary time in court,  or prolong your matter because you  are trying to figure out what many attorneys already know. We try to make  this process  as smooth as possible with the facts and circumstances given.

                                DO YOU  WANT TO GET YOUR AFFAIRS IN ORDER?

We will also make sure that you have a Last Will and Testament, so that your items are  distributed as you wish within the confines of the law.  We will  also work with you to detail a comprehensive plan to make sure your last wishes are implemented in a proper manner.  Do you think that is easy?  Most people come in our office believing they know how to do their Last Will and Testament, and leave saying to me " Wow, I never really thought of it that way."  If you want your Last will and Testament done properly, a lot of thought is required so that your Last Will and Testament will speak for you here, when you are gone.

We are here to help!

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