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How Much Does My Case Cost?

Sept. 10, 2020

If you are wondering "How much does my case cost?"

The answer is, it depends. Do you know if the other side is willing to sign a document agreeing to settle your case, or are you fighting about certain issues? (If the opposing side is not willing to sign a document settling all of the disputes of the case- you are fighting).

Fighting can mean your case is over in a month, Fighting can mean that your case is over in a year, or two.

You should not expect your lawyer to charge you the same amount that it took to settle your case in a month, as it would be working for an entire year. That expectation would mean that your lawyer was working for free for almost a year- as they are charging you the same amount that they would for working for a month- during the expansion of a year.

The Factors to Consider in Your Case

  1. the length of your case

  2. the complexity of your case

  3. the amount of work required ie. motions, research with recent case law and statutes.

If you can guarantee, the length, complexity, and amount of work- then your lawyer can tell you the entire cost. If you cannot guarantee all of those factors- then neither can your attorney.

You are both working together on a moving landscape where you both do not have complete control.