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Things Not to Do with Your Lawyer Part 3 - Lie

June 9, 2020

The worst thing that you can do to your lawyer is LIE!

There are some people that want to proceed with their case with facts that they would LIKE, not as they really are. There are some people that state that facts occurred that did not occur- OR they leave out information that they KNOW would give a false impression of the facts.

Let me give you an example:

I had two people leave negative reviews for me online. The pertinent point that they left out is that THEY ( each) were never a client. They allowed the reader to assume facts that they were a client and then posted negative reviews: one (was the boyfriend of a client who refused to pay the bill for YEARS, not even one cent) and the second (I suspect was also never a client, who also didn't want to pay a bill). I am not sure who the second person is, as they use anonymous names, fake pictures, and is hard to determine who they are. IT is very likely that they are NOT a client simply from the words that they used.

This is what I call "lying by omission." It will always be assumed that the person posting the review is an actual client, but by omitting that important information, the poster gives the false impression that the person worked directly with our office. THEY DIDN'T.

What's my point? Don't leave out information that can hurt you and your case. It is horrible for your lawyer to find out facts from the opposing attorney because YOU lied to your lawyer, or, you purposefully left information out of your story because you wanted to leave another impression with your lawyer. Let your attorney have all the facts and use them to your advantage, the best way that they know-how.

Don't forget, your opponent is trying to use anything against you, don't let the other party have information that YOUR attorney doesn't have. If you give your attorney all of the facts, they can try to find a way to use that information to your benefit, but many times it requires preparation!