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Things Not to Do with Your Lawyer Part 1 - Ignore the Attorney's Deadlines

May 6, 2020

There are several No- no's with attorney-client representation that negatively affects a client's case.

The Client Should Not Miss Given Deadlines

Many times Attorneys have deadlines concerning your case before the court. When your attorney gives you a deadline to get them documents or respond to a question or inquiry that they have, you need to really meet those deadlines...

Your attorney usually needs to review the paperwork that you have submitted to them before filing it in court or giving it to the opposing attorney if required by law. If you get it to the attorney late, or after the court's deadline- you do many things:

  1. You prolong your case because your attorney will have to appear in court only to tell the judge that the documents requested were not given -or were not given to the attorney with enough time to review them. Remember, your attorney is there to protect you. It would not be reasonable for your attorney to submit documentation to the other side and not know what they are giving. Deadlines are not suggestions, or " helpful hints." If you miss a deadline you hurt your own case- PERIOD.

  2. You increase your attorneys' fees because you are showing up in court to do very little- making the court appearance before the Judge unproductive. The submission of the documents in a timely manner can make the difference between a productive or non-productive court appearance.

  3. We don't know where your case stands- A lot of the strategy and information in the case develops as we obtain evidence for your case. If you don't get us the evidence that we need, then we cannot really strategize and prepare a clear path for your case.